Monday, July 23, 2012

"To-Do" Linky :)

This should be an ongoing linky! LOL Thanks to Mrs. B's Best for hosting this! I ALWAYS have a to-do list going and most times there's more school "to-do"s on it than anything else! I will make this brief, though. I have tried to work on a bit at a time...minus the fact between blogging and Pinterest I am over-extended :)  ...I have already begun more than I can possibly complete before school begins! I have gotten quite crafty this summer and I'm in over my head! LOL  O.K....

Here's my top 10:
  1. Finish "Mod Podging" my new treasure box project (Check back with me because it is almost finished and I can't wait for feedback on it!!!)
  2. Organize my "Back-to-School" first week activities! What a mess! I have some new things to spice it up a bit this year! :)
  3. Get my hands on 3 more beanbags so that I have a class set!
  4. Weed-eat at my mom's house for is starting to look like a Honduran Jungle over there!!
  5. Work on Promethean lessons....something I have been putting off for some time now!
  6. Continue to organize my computer files...a bit worse looking than my mom's yard!!
  7. Have lunch with friends before the craziness starts back!
  8. Read up on successful grouping...sorry for the language but...I suck/stink at it! I hate doing it and feel like a failure when I try. I need to observe someone who does it well!
  9. Read something for pleasure...preferably a J.D. Robb novel...(I'm secretly in love with Roarke...please don't tell my hubby! LOL)
  10. Go many times as I can!
O.K....I could have easily kept going...but you get the idea! I can't wait to read everyone else's list!