Sunday, July 8, 2012


O.k.....gonna try my hand at this linky...not sure I know what I am doing....but gonna try!
Pics of my class, huh? Let's see what I can find :)

 My New Front-of-the-Room Teaching Chair :)

Still looking for ideas for these :) Had them 2 yrs now and still haven't had success with them :(

Side view when you first walk in the room. Desks and chairs piled in the middle of the room.

One of my 2 student computers (covered by my peace fabric) and my temp storage of my beanbags!
(I am 4 away from having enough for each student!!!!)

I basically have a combo theme of peace and the National Park....I know....weird!
My room is nowhere near ready and i'm still forming thoughts on what to do!
Suggestions/comments are MORE than welcome!

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