Monday, July 9, 2012

More Classroom Pics....

I went to school today to get some things done (mostly to get those things out of my living room floor and off my dresser!). While I was there I decided to take a few photos of the current mess I am in! I am working on de-cluttering and organizing and anyone who has had this idea knows you end up with a bigger mess before you complete this task! Certain areas are looking better while others....not so much yet! So....those are my excuses....and I am sticking to them! LOL

This is the state of my library area...the box to the right is full of books to add....but where??? I did get the new rug down! 

I still need to make new labels for my turn-in subject boxes....but its looking better!

I thought I better show some of my hippie spirit! (It's actually allllll over the room!)
The boxes below are full of Reader's Theater scripts and props.
This new sign actually looks better in person than this pic....I worked hard on it! LOL I looked everywhere for an arrow and finally found an arrow bookmark at Books-a-Million....Mod Podged "we are here" on it and covered it with sparkly silver/glittery fingernail polish....the arrow is a clip that can be moved :)

This is a gift from a student :) They know me oh-so-well! I stuck him down in a cinnamon apple candle :) He is sitting on my DVD player :)

O.K....enough for now! Comments/suggestions welcome!