Thursday, January 31, 2013

Confusion in the Classroom!

Well...I do not know if I am alone in this or not....but...I feel totally confused in my classroom right now! With our unexpected days out for flooding and a bit of snowfall here and there...I do not know which end is up! We read a lot of novels together in class and I feel so disjointed with the absences! I feel like I am taking one step up and three steps back! Am I alone in this??? My math lessons feel like I have to review before I go on (as usual)...but...I do not feel like I am going very far forward for all the backing up I have to do! I guess I just need to know I have some brothers and sisters "in arms" out there! LOL  How are you guys dealing with these things? I could use some advice! We have our 5th grade State-Mandated Writing Assessment next week and I feel very lost with the new format. Basically...I am not feeling very effective this year but I am working with the same (if not greater) "vigor" that I have always put into it. Just looking for some friendly feedback :) Thanks so much!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

My Birthday Boards :) is my birthday! Yay, me! It has been a good, quiet, lazy day. They are rare and I am thankful for the opportunity to lay around, read, and just be with my kids. My mom made me a cheesecake, my husband got me a Wonder Woman coffee mug and a new mystery/crime novel, and my crafty daughters made me some cool stuff! I can't wait to share it with you :) I am waiting on permission to share a book with you. It is the best "teaching manual" I have ever run across. I have been teaching almost 10 years and it is stuff I wish someone had told me! It is a good source for renewing procedures, practicing new ones, and reorganizing (something most of us have on our New Year's list of to-do's.) Please stay tuned and i'll let you know something as soon as I do!
My girls made these cool cork/black boards for me! Also, a calendar behind glass :) I love the vintage frames they put them in! My children are a true blessing!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Weekly Homework Sheet Freebie

Thanks to some awesome bloggy buddies...I am going to attempt to share my first freebie! It is a simple homework sheet that I created to help me keep up with student work. Let me know if it is editable...I sure hope it is! The names in there are my wonderful kids this year! I got soooo lucky! I have some of Ms. Kerri's Krazy Class (from her first year of teaching!!) I am honored! Well, let me try to share! Here Goes!

(sorry there is such a bad pic of it!)
Weekly Homework Sheet
(a special thanks to Marcia for e-mailing me her wonderful directions for how to do this!)

In need of some "bloggy" help :)

Hello all,

I spend about 90 percent (or at least it feels like 90 %) of my "free" time creating stuff to use with my students. Since I have become a small part of this fantastic blogging community with all of its wonderful, sharing, inspiring teachers, I feel the need to share things too. One problem: I need someone to show/tell me how. Most of my stuff is PowerPoint, Promethean Board Flipcharts, or Word documents. I have no idea how to give others access to those things. I am fairly "techy" but I still have lots to learn (young grasshopper!).  I created a sheet to keep up with completed homework and it turned out pretty worthy. I would love to share it with anyone interested. If you have a kind heart and a few minutes to spare....I would welcome a tutorial on sharing. :)

Thanks so much!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Check out this AWESOME Giveaway!!

Hello all...

I want you to be sure to check out this AWESOME giveaway going on over at Rockin'Teacher Materials!!!  Put your name in the hat for some awesome teaching materials tailored to your exact grade level!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January "Currently"'s been a while since I've attempted a "Currently"....but here goes :)

O.K......because it is microscopic and the best I could do....I will elaborate slightly :)

Listening: to my awesome wood fire crackle.....need I say more????

Loving: spending time with my own children and reading! I love having my kids around! My daughter is building a house and staying with me through the holidays! Her husband is trying to get transferred to our area. This is such a special time for us!

Thinking: about ways to better organize my classroom and teaching.  I have too many piles and great ideas that are just stagnating! I need to organize and have a better system! Great ideas and plans are nothing if not implemented!! Wish me luck!

Wanting:  to find a better balance between home and school. Most of my waking hours are spent focused on something "school" related. I can't go to an interstate rest area without looking at travel brochures and wondering how I can incorporate them into my teaching! It has to be a diagnosable sickness!!! I have got to find a better balance!

Needing:  to take better care of myself - mentally and physically! I am feeling more like Jabba the Hut every day! I have got to start eating better and getting more exercise! I believe my general attitude would improve if I felt better physically!!

OWL: kindness...we need more of it in the world :)

Here is a link to Farley's Currently can get a better idea of what this is supposed to look like there! LOL And also blank templates to carry on this good work :)

Enjoy your New Year!!