Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January "Currently"

Ok...it's been a while since I've attempted a "Currently"....but here goes :)

O.K......because it is microscopic and the best I could do....I will elaborate slightly :)

Listening: to my awesome wood fire crackle.....need I say more????

Loving: spending time with my own children and reading! I love having my kids around! My daughter is building a house and staying with me through the holidays! Her husband is trying to get transferred to our area. This is such a special time for us!

Thinking: about ways to better organize my classroom and teaching.  I have too many piles and great ideas that are just stagnating! I need to organize and have a better system! Great ideas and plans are nothing if not implemented!! Wish me luck!

Wanting:  to find a better balance between home and school. Most of my waking hours are spent focused on something "school" related. I can't go to an interstate rest area without looking at travel brochures and wondering how I can incorporate them into my teaching! It has to be a diagnosable sickness!!! I have got to find a better balance!

Needing:  to take better care of myself - mentally and physically! I am feeling more like Jabba the Hut every day! I have got to start eating better and getting more exercise! I believe my general attitude would improve if I felt better physically!!

OWL: kindness...we need more of it in the world :)

Here is a link to Farley's Currently stuff...you can get a better idea of what this is supposed to look like there! LOL And also blank templates to carry on this good work :)

Enjoy your New Year!!