Thursday, January 31, 2013

Confusion in the Classroom!

Well...I do not know if I am alone in this or not....but...I feel totally confused in my classroom right now! With our unexpected days out for flooding and a bit of snowfall here and there...I do not know which end is up! We read a lot of novels together in class and I feel so disjointed with the absences! I feel like I am taking one step up and three steps back! Am I alone in this??? My math lessons feel like I have to review before I go on (as usual)...but...I do not feel like I am going very far forward for all the backing up I have to do! I guess I just need to know I have some brothers and sisters "in arms" out there! LOL  How are you guys dealing with these things? I could use some advice! We have our 5th grade State-Mandated Writing Assessment next week and I feel very lost with the new format. Basically...I am not feeling very effective this year but I am working with the same (if not greater) "vigor" that I have always put into it. Just looking for some friendly feedback :) Thanks so much!!