Sunday, July 15, 2012

"How Do You Grade?" Linky

Hi Ya'll....decided to throw my Southern roots atcha for a minute! LOL I am joining a linky over at Totally Terrific Teaching dealing with grading. Here's my 2 cents worth on grading:

I wish we didn't have to do it! A good teacher knows a child's ability and potential in a very short amount of time spent with that child.  Having said is a reality in our world. I follow the school/county guidelines but with a twist. On major assignments or tests of any kind...I allow students to come in (after class) and re-take a test that they are not happy with the grade. I then average the two grades together to get a final grade and replace the original grade with this one.  For example...if a student made a 50 on a reading test and wanted to come in the same week after school and retake this test, I would allow them to do so. If that student then made a 100 on the same test...I would average the two grades leaving the student with a 75 as a final grade.  I feel like this is fair. Everyone has an "√∂ff"day once in a while. I believe in second chances! If they feel strongly enough about it to come back to me (at my convenience after school) then they deserve another shot! Students who don't care will not take the time or effort to re-take the test. This method also discourages students from slacking and then thinking they can just re-take it after having some extra time to study for full credit. They know the grade will not be replaced...but averaged! I would love to know everyone else's methods/thoughts/opinions. :)

Come join us!