Sunday, July 8, 2012

Chapter 3 - The Upcoming To-Do List

O.k.....First I must apologize for the time lapse between chapter 2 and 3. I got all giddy after the award nominations and lost my mind! :) I hope that I am back on track! I go!
  • What is it? It is a long-term sorted list of your to-dos that will lead to weekly or daily lists. It is a combination of deadlines and would-like-to-dos.  This list is for work that needs to happen at some point but not have a specific date to be completed by. I equate this to a yearly overview of your lessons or themes for the year (or a pacing guide of sorts). When you sit down with a large 12 month calendar and pencil in chapters to be covered or topics to be covered. I did this for the first time last year and it made a huge difference! I am embarrassed that it has taken me this long to begin doing that! Maia suggests that you pencil in things like PD or vacations in the dates when you want to BEGIN preparing for them. For example, if you know you are leading a PD in might pencil the begin to prepare date in mid-October. I am going to attach an (MS Word  Excel) 12 month calendar hopes that you can download it and begin setting your year in motion! The rest of the chapter gives examples of people's calendars who have set them up in various ways. Being teachers...we are pretty familiar with long-term planning. Hopefully the calendar link will work to give you something to begin with :) I have a calendar I like better than the one in this is in my own computer files...but I cant figure out how to attach it! If you know how...fill me in :) Thanks, once again, for listening to my ramblings!