Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Quick Late-Night Post

I worked a bit at school today and as I was roaming around the room....trying to put off the inevitable...I had an idea. This is probably something that everyone in the free world is already goes:

We are required to display and refer to our objectives for each lesson. I decided to use a pocket chart with my "I can" statement at the tops and then write my objectives on sentence strips for each subject. I did that last year and went through a "butt ton" of sentence strips that were sloppily scrawled out and eventually thrown away because they didn't fit again or I couldn't stand their sloppiness. I had an epiphany! Like I said, everyone in the free world is probably doing this already....but why not laminate the sentence strips, write the daily objectives on each one with an Expo (a separate color per subject), and reuse the same ones????? You are free to let me know how far behind in the game I am :) Let me know what you think...either way :)

By the way...I changed the Ï Can..."statement to "We can...."It is important to me to let the kids know we are all in this together!!