Friday, July 13, 2012

Fun in Room 4B Linky: Fabulous Find Friday!

Hi all....I wanted to contribute to this awesome Fabulous Find Friday from Fun in Room 4B! Those gals over there really got it going on!!! What a great way to share things with each other! I hope to continue to participate in this awesome linky weekly! Fabulous Find is one that I am quite sure everyone else in the free world has discovered....Mod Podge!  I have been shellacking for wayyyyy too many years! (Sounds like a personal problem, huh?) But it's true! My awesome colleague and blogging buddy Ms. Kerri from Ms. Kerri's Krazy Kindergarten shared her enormous crafty knowledge with me and clued me in to this awesome product!  I have almost used a whole 16 oz. bottle in less than a week! I am becoming quite crafty! (I can't wait to show you my project....but it is in progress right stay tuned!!!) So....anyway....I MOD PODGED my thighs together the other day and didn't realize it until I tried to get up!!!'That happens to all newbies....right???? This stuff is available at lots of craft stores....even Walmart! I ordered it from the above hyperlink...but I had to pay shipping...(also couldn't wait to try it so ran to the local craft store and got some the same shipping.....but I guess I did use gas....I'll have to ponder that decision!) Anyway...I am about to need more! I love this stuff...looks like Elmer's glue and dries amazingly fast (I am quite impatient and want my projects complete yesterday!) So I am recommending MOD PODGE....(Try to keep it away from your thighs!!!) 
Is it just me....or have I had enough caffeine for today????????