Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What do I do with these????

I am truly at a loss about what to do with these! I have tried keeping student supplies in them...but as I talked about earlier...too much foot traffic and "sticky fingers". Right now they contain my misc junk. I am looking for ideas for these....ways to organize things or storage????? Shoot ideas to me! (I think I should paint or decorate them in some way too...what do you think??

(Sorta) Empty trays....what to do? what to do????

Also...thought I would share my newest crafty thing I made for my classroom door. I'm sure I stole this idea...but can't remember where (thinking Pinterest???) I tweaked it to my needs. We were asked last year to let the office know if we changed our schedule or where we were during the day in case of emergency or parent pick-up situations, etc. I am going to put this in a heavy duty (Lowes-type) protector and hang it on a plastic hook of my classroom door when we leave for somewhere. I will have my helper change the clothespin to the appropriate place on the schedule. I am thinking of making and laminating some sort of cute arrow to hot glue onto the clothes pin. What do you think????