Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Organizing Fool!

I'm pretty sure I have caught the "organizing bug"! I have a million and one (maybe two) things on my to-do list before school starts! I have just as many AWESOME ideas from Pinterest that are on my list.  I do not know where to begin! I want to start posting more ideas and pictures on here as well. I have been working on my main binder (Teacher Notebook). I saw an awesome blog about such notebooks today and added a few new tabs to mine. I have also spent the last night or two going through my old Teaching K-8 and Instructor magazines.  I am tearing out articles and putting them into categories: 1. Professional articles (to read), 2. Things other teachers I know might be able to use (lots of pull-out posters for the art teacher, medieval activities for the 6th gr SS teacher, Literature stuff for the 7th/8th Lit. teacher, etc.) 3. Subject area articles/activities, 4. Humorous cartoons, 5. and, of course, a miscellaneous pile :)   I figured that the multitude of magazines that I had should be put to good use in some way. At least now...there is hope that they will be utilized! I would love to hear your organizing strategies! Holla Back, girls! :)

My Teacher Notebook :)

My separate LP Book (kept inside my TN)

An idea I want to tweak for my room :)

A Bulletin Board Idea from one of the mags