Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Pink Chair/Throne of Honor

My awesome hubby bought me a new chair for my classroom! It even swivels! I bought that cute new rug to go with it! My goal is to have enough beanbags for each child this year (I am 4 away!). I am going to test the waters and have a surprise subject of the day when we all sit in our beanbags/chairs for that lesson. Last year my class was a bit rowdy and it didn't happen...but I did incorporate 1 red beanbag as our "red throne of honor".  I told the kids that I would be watching them closely and I would chose 1 exemplary student to sit in the red throne of honor ALL DAY (the following day). They LOVED it! I would love to have class all day long from our beanbags! Tell me what you think!!

Pretty in Pink????