Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Together Teacher (I wish...)

Hi all...I have come to the conclusion that the books on my night table are not going to read themselves! I have so many books and electronic gadgets on my nightstand that something truly needs to be done before "Hoarders" comes knocking! LOL I LOVVVVEEE to read and one of my favs is professional development! I truly love learning new strategies and hearing how others organize and conduct their classes.  I just today received a book in the mail called The Together Teacher.  It is by Maia Heyck-Merlin. It looks right up my alley! Here is a link to their blog (and website) with lots of downloadable forms and calendars:  The Together Teacher     I am going to "endeavor to persevere" and read a chapter a day and blog about it in hopes that someone else (possibly who is behind on their reading as well) will take away some handy organizational tips without having to read the whole thing...who knows! I am having trouble using the CD Rom that came with it with forms on it. I am waiting for an e-mail from the company. Well, just missed a "live chat" with the rep while writing this! LOL I'll try again tomorrow! Anyway, let me know if you have read the book...or would be interested in hearing about it! Bye for now!