Monday, June 25, 2012

To the classroom....

Hey gang! I'm headed off to my classroom for a couple of hours to get a little organizing done! I wanted to post a couple of before pics and ask for ideas or organizational ideas for my stuff :)  Luckily in this room there are lots of cabinets and drawers...I do have one area that I need particular help with. (I'm not sure I have a specific photo of it but I will take one today) There is a set of about 30 (i'm guessing) pull out plastic drawers that need to be used. I have used them in the past for individual student supplies (and extras)...but that seemed to draw unnecessary foot traffic and people getting into each others drawers (the plastic ones....not the ones under their pants...LOL....couldn't resist!) Currently they are holding dry erase board erasers and other general junk....very unorganized! I will attach a couple of room photos and get a specific "drawer" photo on here when I get home! Thanks for your help in this endeavor! I look forward to hearing your suggestions!

My Reading Corner
(just bought a new rug...not in area yet)