Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Good day today! I had several placement meetings for next year so I had a sub in and out of my room all day. My kids actually behaved themselves and I got a good report......This might seem mundane but the class I have this year is not known for their good behavior! They are more known for their eccentric behavior! I have quite the crew! I felt the sub's forehead just in case a visit to the school nurse was in order! She felt fine to me! I was temporarily proud of my class! It was a good...but brief...feeling! My good news is that I am receiving teacher for the gifted students next year! Yay me! I am ready for a good challenge! I have more often than not had more special needs students than the other end of the spectrum (I figure it is partially due to my special education training in another life). I am truly ready to challenge them next year! Anyway....good day!