Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Summer Bucket List

Well...it's been a while since I have posted. I have been busy with many things :) My oldest son (a twin) got married last Saturday! It was truly beautiful! I wish them all the best! They are busy sunning themselves at the beach while I cling to the last bits of my sanity here :) The last days of school are always busy with chaos, field trips, field days, programs, clean-up, book turn-in....and....well...you get the idea and I am sure you are living it too! I have been thinking about what I would put on my summer bucket list. A few days ago I could not formulate a complete thought (much less a list), but today I feel overwhelmed with mental lists of what needs to happen before this fall. I have joked that the only thing I am retaining lately is WATER! LOL It started as a joke but I am coming dangerously close to living it! OK...my list: (In no particular order of importance or ability to complete!) 1. Organize my files on my computers/hard drive/flash drives/tablets 2. Organize my files at school (I have started but it seems the more I organize...the more mess I discover!) 3. Use a new app I have to create a database of my classroom library. I need a better way to keep track of my books. They keep running off each year! 4. Create new Promethean flipcharts to help transition to Common Core. 5. Take my daughter to the pool and read a few good (or maybe mindless) books for pleasure! 6. Clean my carpets in my bedrooms and library. 7. Learn how to make a button for my blog :) I want to advertise! 8. Catch up on blogs that I subscribe to. 9. Follow up on my Pinterest pins before adding more!! 10. Lose some weight!!! Let me know if you are in my boat! I could use support in ANY of these areas! Look forward to hearing from you!........ Teri