Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Curriculum Mapping

Well...I spent the day with my fellow grade-level teachers trying to figure out where we stand on our mission to correlate what we teach in 5th grade math with the Core Curriculum Standards. It was good to look at our grade level data and see where our strengths and "challenges" (politically correct term for weaknesses)lay. It was helpful on one hand, however, with a new group of kids next year, will they necessarily be the same? Plus, new standards and requirements....hmmmmm. I sure hope that my day was not spent in vain. I love the idea of curriculum mapping and having a well-laid plan. I did much better this year when I planned a basic guideline for pacing for each subject than I did the year before without that plan. Somehow we need to figure out a way to minimize teacher paperwork and give ourselves more time to practice our art! If we had more time to implement what we know works...the other would fall into place! Your thoughts??????