Monday, April 30, 2012 was Monday all day long! Is it just me or are kids different than they used to be???? That sounds like an old fogey thing to say but, geesh, I have never seen such a sense of entitlement in children! I would NEVER have even dreamed of telling my teacher what I thought ought to happen that day! My teachers' words were law! I have students letting me know when the classroom phone rings (because obviously I don't know what that noise is...) as well as suggesting what we do for the day! It does not seem to matter how many times I make it very clear that I have every minute of our day planned before their eyes open every morning, they still seem to think they should be able to make a suggestions on our daily plans! I have repeatedly told the children I did not train to be a D.J. therefore I do not take requests!! That whimsical statement has failed to have the impact I desire! I begin the year by explaining that our classroom is NOT a democracy, rather a benevolent dictatorship! What don't they get about that????? Why do I have less than 6 weeks left and still have suggestions submitted???? If anyone out there sympathizes or has a plan of action to end this back to me! NOT a D.J., Teri