Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I am soooo sorry!

Wow! How did this happen? Has it really been 3-4 months since i've posted???? To say things have been hectic is an understatement!! I appreciate anyone who hasn't given up on me! Let me just start by saying I have the most wonderful class of my 5th grade career! They are the best behaved, most adorable, sweetest (and at times...the most pitiful) class I have ever had! I was a bit worried about this year because there was a possibility that I was going to get an autistic boy with quite a reputation in my class. Well....I DID and he is the biggest blessing in my life! My class is amazing and he leads the pack in the amazing department! Don't get me wrong....he has his moments! But overall...I wouldn't change places with anyone in my school! I can't wait to post more and tell you soooo much about my wonderful students! But this is Christmas night and my hubby has to work in the morning! LOL I can't wait to catch up on everybody's classrooms and lives in general! God Bless you all and Merry Christmas! It feels good to be back!!!