Saturday, December 29, 2012

Semi-finished Podium :) here's the low-down on the podium: I'm officially obsessed with it! I was running around like a crazy woman looking for book jackets of books I really liked to include on it! I didn't stop last night until I looked down and saw that I had almost covered (a bit exaggerated) my fav yoga pants with Mod Podge!!! LOL I knew it was time for bed! I woke up to my daughter (a teacher as well...who is staying with me while her house is being built) hunting and gathering all the Christmas "stuff" into piles to pack away. I had to divert my attention temporarily to help her with that endeavor!  I finally got a sec to post my new here goes:
This is the front view. I have a few that wrap around to the sides a bit and my plan is to cover my sides as well. But I started thinking (ut-oh!!!).......I am going to ask my kids if they have any book jackets from their favorite stories that they might be willing to sacrifice for "the cause"...I thought they might feel a sense of pride seeing their favs on it!!??? What do you all think??? If they don't...I will continue as planned and just add at school. If they! What a treasure for me! Below I will add a couple of pics (close ups) so you can see a bit more detail on the books I have chosen. The beauty of it is.....I can cover up anything at any time with new ones if I so desire! My teacher daughter is considering doing this with classics (she teaches high school). I was honored that she liked it enough to consider it :)
Top part (of the front)
 Bottom part (of the front)

Please let me know what you think! Include your blog address so I can visit!!!