Friday, June 14, 2013

Another WONDERFUL Linky!

Another wonderful linky has come my way! It is sponsored by Castles and Cupcakes. Go check her out and join in this informative linky with us! It is all about our morning work and morning routines!

My daily routine begins when the students are dismissed from the library or cafeteria at 7:50 am. I try really hard to be at the door to greet them and welcome them to our room. I have a "bellringer"on their desks as they arrive. I try to make it something challenging but something they can do independently so that I may take attendance, attend to notes, get lunch count ready to deliver, and guide students who need extra attention. They are required to put their backpacks away, deliver homework to the appropriate turn-in location, sharpen pencils, and use the restroom. Once they complete those things...they know to begin working on the desk work. We take care of housekeeping and then (by about 8:30) we go over the bellringer together. We usually work on English afterward til about 9:15 am (which is time for our special classes). Lots of coffee...and I do mean lots...gets me through this first hour. My students are usually really well-behaved for this first hour because they quickly learn that I am not a morning person! LOL I can't wait to hear from everyone else!